My approach to psychosexual therapy is to work therapeutically with the client’s sexual and relationship issues in terms of how the therapy might benefit the individual or couple. I integrate my knowledge by drawing on elements of different therapeutic approaches – offering a safe place to discuss, explore and address your goals and concerns.

I am passionate about people experiencing sexuality as an integral and joyful part of themselves. I hope to encourage an emphasis on sensuality and pleasure rather than what is a gendered, cultural and social performance. For the client to explore what works best and to become more open to having a good-enough sexual experience.

What to expect in a session

Our first session together is an assessment to find out about the issues you would like to explore, something of your personal history and for both of us to see if we can work together. You are under no obligation to continue beyond the first appointment. If you decide to go ahead we will agree an informal contract, which explains the timings of sessions and what happens in the event of cancellations or missed time.

The focus of sessions can be finding the right tools to aid with your main issues. This maybe a blend of behavioural activities, education, self-help tools, mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques. The therapeutic relationship itself supports individuals and couples in rediscovering themselves sexually, whilst developing a more conscious sexual self-esteem.